teamwork is about soft skills & leadership

Settels Savenije & Friedrich specialises in training technology professionals in soft skills and leadership: hands on and to the point. We believe you have to understand the world of technology and innovation and how technology professionals learn, to be able to train them effectively.

soft skills & leadership program for technology professionals

Effective communication skills for engineers

In this course you learn how to successfully handle the 7 biggest communication challenges, improving your professional impact and leadership. Module I: Becoming effective in influencing others and achieving results, one-on-one and in groups. 

Effective communication skills for techn. professionals - part 2

In this course you learn how to successfully handle the 7 biggest communication challenges, improving your professional impact and leadership. Module II: Managing others by delegating and coaching effectively and showing technical leadership.

Team coaching skills for engineers

In this one-day workshop you will become familiar with the basics of autism-friendly communication. It might surprise you, but these principles apply to communication with technicians. We call this clear and concrete communication. 

Leadership skills for architects and other technical leaders

As a technical leader, you need to steer both the project and the company in the right direction. To do that, you must be able to convince stakeholders, influence without authority, and exhibit personal leadership. You'll learn how to do all these things in our four-day program.

Time management in innovation

In this course you will learn how to deal with and manage a consistenty large workload. We will provide you with the latest insights on time management, use of your calendar, e-mail management, work delegation and negotiation of planning.

Consultative selling for technology professionals

Sales might not be your forte, but creating new work, helping the client and your organisation is beneficial for all parties involved. This course teaches you how to recognise, explore and create business opportunities without feeling 'commercial'.

Training Presentation skills for powerful public speaking

Are you a senior technology professional and you are asking yourself: “Why do my messages not have the right impact? What is the way to achieve this? Why aren't my ideas coming across as I want them to?"

How to be successful in the Dutch high tech work culture

Are you new to Holland and confused by Dutch corporate culture? This intensive  boot camp will give you all the insight, practical soft skills, and confidence you need to make the most of your career in the Netherlands. 

How to create a feedback culture in your team

Most teams work together in a nice and friendly way, but often there's a lot of stuff under waterline which remains unspoken. This hampers the team or individual to grow and can lead to irritation an unnecessary escalations. An open feedback culture will enable your team to become high performing.

Effective communication for engineers (with virtual classroom) - ONLINE training

Everybody recognizes how difficult clear communication and close corporation can be. As if the content is not already complex enough. However, you may also have the experience that together with a good team, open communication and honest feedback, you can move mountains! 

Presentation & body language skills - ONLINE

Not feeling confident while presenting can ruin your message. Your feelings will directly reflect in your body language and your voice. The audience might misunderstand and your story does not have the impact it should have. How can you deliver your message with maximum impact? 

the speed of things today

The world of technology and innovation has its own specific characteristics, as do the talented people who work in this environment. More focus is needed on the developing of communication and leadership qualities of technology professionals than ever before. Why?


  • Product life cycles are getting shorter, we innovate faster and the need for speeding up innovation seems bigger every day.
  • More and more people are involved in innovation at the same time; the setting we work in is getting more complex every day.
  • The technological challenges we face are bigger than ever.


Therefore, there is a need to speed up in everything we do. What we do is increasingly complex, the stress of delivering on time gets bigger and at the same time we have many more stakeholders to manage. The need for communication skills and leadership qualities is bigger then ever.

improving daily performance

We define 4 key roles in innovation: technical specialist, team leader, architect and project manager. Technology professionals go through three maturity levels during the first 15 years of their career. Their role may also vary over time. We believe that in order to facilitate their personal development in soft skills & leadership effectively, their training should be directly linked to both their role and their maturity. When developing cources and masterclasses we commence by defining and understanding their specific role and the corresponding level of maturity. We answer 4 questions:

  • In their daily performance, which specific moments can and should have the biggest impact on the overall result for the technology professional.
  • Which are the true challenges he/she faces at that very moment?
  • What are the biggest pitfalls?
  • Which competences do they have to master in order to succeed immediately?


From the answers to these questions we determine both the subjects and content  of our courses and master classes. 

the most effective teams win the competition

Creativity, mastering the art of reviewing and taking decisions quickly, leads to proper team work. 


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