craftsmanship in precision manufacturing

settels savenije precision parts

With more than 50 years' history in Precision Parts manufacturing, we deliver parts of a higher level of quality than many comparable parts suppliers. When precision manufacturing becomes challenging, we outperform. All our operations are performed in a lean, clean and smart factory: from prototyping to 24-7 operations precision manufacturing.

our services

our services
  • series production of parts (24/7)
  • fast track production of parts in our modelshop
  • parts industrialisation studies
  • manufacturing cost & risk studies
  • design for manufacturing support

our expertise

our expertise

We are specialised in manufacturing extreme complex parts in a reliable controlled way. Complexity in all kinds of aspects: e.g. extreme small dimensions, extreme clean, extreme accuracy, extreme shapes, extreme exotic materials etc. 

We are experienced in:

  • manufacturing engineering
  • quality engineering
  • cost engineering
  • NPI program management
  • SPC/QA process improvement

our competences

our competences
  • precision milling
  • precision turning
  • EDM
  • 40x precision finishing
  • cleaning
  • parts inspection and certification
  • laser welding 
  • surface plating 
  • opitcal anodizing
  • vacuum brazing
  • passivation PVD CVD
  • micro etching
  • grade 2 cleaning

our handshake with clients

our handshake with clients
  • We are a reliable supplier who controls quality, delivers on time and at a fair price.
  • We always seek to balance product functionality, cost, risks, durability, and delivery time linked to the priorities of our clients.
  • Our high level process and quality control is based on advanced spc techniques and implemented in quality dashboards  accessible for our clients.

Special metals & plastics

Special metals & plastics
  • OFCopper
  • TZM
  • Molybium
  • 316Ti
  • Inconel 6-4
  • Titanium
  • AlCu
  • Invar
  • ACP5080s
  • BeCu
  • PEEK
  • PPSU

optical inspection

optical inspection
  • In-house state of the art optical inspection tools/CMM’s.
  • Fast contactless part inspection with Zeiss optics, certified measuring within a range of microns.
  • Fit for fragile and complex parts with a high accuracy spec.

integrated cad cam

integrated cad cam
  • NPI programs start with part specifications, designing manufacturing instructions and CADCAM programming.
  • There is a direct and online link between our CNC machines and our CADCAM office.
  • Multiplatform CADCAM software fit to  import all modern design solid formats
  • Optimising 3 or 5 axis programs in close cooperation with our tooling centre.

process control

process control
  • In-house developed software for inline inspection and online statistical process control.
  • Critical dimensions logged and filed and Cpk values monitored to optimise quality control.
  • Applicable in a.o. medical parts manufacturing.
  • Furthermore we implement 100% inspections, FAI’s, production risk assessment, Gage R&R studies etc.

parts examples

large medical part

large medical part
  • Certified source from oxygen free copper
  • High complexity in manufacturing.
  • Produced in the mid-high volume range used for assemblies.
  • Machining OFCu parts requires special tooling and cutting fluid, crucial to achieve our customers' end specifications.

small medical parts

small medical parts
  • Our competence in manufacturing small medical parts is comparable to parts manufacturing for Swiss watches.
  • One of the machines central in manufacturing these parts is a so called swiss-type machine, “The Tornos Nano”.
  • Series vary from from one-off up to high-volume.

carrier frame

carrier frame
  • Carrier frame parts produced according to vacuum compliancy.
  • Special 5000 series aluminium is being used to achieve high accuracy, cleanliness, minimal internal stress and porosity.


  • Dynamic link designed and produced from monolithically 6-4 Titanium.
  • Design optimised for functionality and manufacturability.
  • Heat treatment and tempering are applied to achieve stability and accuracy.
  • Machined by EDM with tungsten or Cu wire according to cleanliness standards.