Sales training for engineers

Sales training for engineers

Next scheduled date: 17-10-2024
Location: Eindhoven
Price: € 2.080,00 excl. VAT
Duration: 2 consecutive days + 1 evening

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Are you having difficulty with:

  • Explaining the added value of a solution?
  • How to deal with different stakeholders at the client as well as internal?
  • Selling the solutions/service to a client who needs it but maybe does not realize it yet?
  • Dealing with "pushy" customers who want a service only when it’s quick, short and cheap?

"Sales" might not be your forte but creating new work, helping the client and your organization is beneficial for all parties involved. This course teaches you how to recognize, explore and create business opportunities without feeling "commercial".

Intensive practice using actors as clients
On the first day of the course we will share the theory and you practice it step by step. The second day is of intensive practice, using a professional actor in the role of your client where you will be challenged to put all the learnings in practice. As a result, after these 2 days, you will be skilled and feel more confident in selling your solution to your clients.

This training is available for open enrollment as well as for in-company sessions.

Intended for

This training course is especially designed for (lead) engineers who want to increase their commercial impact. But also for architects, technical experts, designers, project leaders or team leaders working in a technical and innovative project environment.


E-learning, Action learning, lectures, exercises, discussions, role playing (with actor).


Participants will receive a High Tech Institute course certificate for attending this training.