How to create a feedback culture in your team

How to create a feedback culture in your team

Next scheduled date: To be determined
Duration: 1 day

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How to become a high performing team?

Most teams work together in a nice and friendly way, but often there’s a lot of stuff under the waterline which remains unspoken. This hampers the team or individual to grow and can lead to irritation and unnecessary escalations. An open feedback culture will enable your team to become high performing. 

How nice would it be when we feel comfortable to give and receive feedback? If we could receive feedback as a present instead of feeling attacked? How pleasant would it be to help each other to grow together?

In the training “How to create a feedback culture” you will learn why it’s important to know how to give and receive constructive and respectful feedback and also you will practice it together.

The training will also touch the cultural and personality (a personality test is part of the training) differences which you can consider when practicing feedback. During the trainings day you will put the learned feedback skills into action for effective decision making within your team.

As a team, you will create a save and learning environment.

This training is available for in-company sessions.


Participants will receive a High Tech Institute course certificate for attending this training.