our lines of service to our customers

technology is key to the performance of all our customers.

development & engineering

research & feasibility

Focus on the creation of new technology, manufacturing processes and/or equipment. Proof of principle programs and feasibility studies. Conceptual design of products and systems. Generation of IP for our customers.

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Engineering of
tools & equipment

Engineering of test tools, manufacturing tools and manufacturing equipment. Design of manufacturing - design to cost. Generating full TPD, integration in SAP, using Unigraphics, ProE, Inventor etc...

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development of
sensors & systems

Product development: conceptual design engineering verification and testing qualification industrialisation for production. Specialisation in optics - mechanics and mechatronics. 

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& recruitment

Initiation, development and sustaining of development partnerships with our customers via our job assignment program. A focus on the integration of services. Recruitment of (senior) staff for our customers. 

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manufacturing & assembly

supply chain design

Transferring of designs into effective supply chains. Matching manufacturing complexities with supplier know-how and experience. Dual sourcing for critical parts/modules. Transparency in cost price, margins, and SC vulnerability. 

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Manufacturing of parts in our factories when appropriate. Sourcing to reliable partners and suppliers whenever possible. On-going monitoring and validation of progress and quality in contracted supply chain. 

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assembly & testing

A focus on prototype tools/equipment and low to medium volume assembly of machines, modules and systems. Qualification and testing integrated in the (final) assembly process.  

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consultancy & training

plm - cad - cam services

Assessment, designing and implementation of PLM systems. Supporting of customers in the effective use of PLM software and PLM tools. Cad and CAM support. Experience in all relevant platforms.

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training of professionals

Portfolio of app. 50 courses in mechatronics, electronics, optics, design principles, software, system engineering etc.. A leadership and soft skill program exclusively designed for technology professionals. 

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management consultancy

In our consultancy practice we focus on high tech companies and/or R&D departments within them. Our expertise lies in auditing, implementing changeover and restructuring. Executive recruitment is often a key element in company changeover programs. 

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