Moving up the supply chain

2016-12-15 ASML test toolSpecial in Bits & Chips - Over the past fifteen years, Settels Savenije has carried out numerous projects for ASML. These projects have been instrumental in growing Settels

into a high-tech company that works for a variety of larger international enterprises. Settels’ Sven Pekelder
discusses the company’s evolution with ASML’s Ton Aantjes. T
he Brainport region is unique in its capacity to combine the strengths of multiple companies to offer one overall solution to their customers. With its open innovation philosophy on working with suppliers, research institutes and strategic partners, ASML plays an important role in the region.

One of these Brainport companies is Settels Savenije. ‘ASML has been our customer for fifteen years now,’ says CTO Sven Pekelder. ‘Our team started off as part of a job assignment programme.

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