working for our company

find out what it's like in 7 minutes of video

"it's different"

This clip was released in 2014. One of John´s friends, Mike Plonsky walked into our offices with his camera. Without any preparation he grabbed images of who we are, what we consider to be important and what it is like to work within our company. Mike fell in love with us and that shows in this clip. It makes us proud. If this clip makes you want to connect with us, please join us as one of our colleagues, or introduce yourself as one of our clients. 

"our philosophy"

John is one of the founders of our company (1987). He makes six statements in this clip about why we are what we are. After seeing this clip you might not be surprised that a growing number of key technology members of our staff are shareholders in our group of companies. We share responsibility and try to make our world more interesting every day. 

If you are interested in our company and would like to discuss career opportunities, we welcome you to contact Frank Sanders.