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exploring the unknown and discovering breakthrough solutions

solutions for technological challenges

Many of our customers are amongst the leaders in technological innovation. Increasingly, they are confronted with a growing complexity and a higher level of investment in innovation. We are proud to be their partners in supporting them in the selection of the most suitable, feasible and cost-effective solution for their challenges. Our broad expertise in understanding physical, mechanical and mechatronic processes allows us to help our customers unravel complex technological challenges and demonstrate that the selected solutions will work in practice. A good investigation process can contribute substantially to the reduction of risk of failure, delays and associated costs during development projects. The fact that we have been involved in many of our customers' technology breakthroughs fills us with pride. At the same time it also makes us eager to resolve the next challenging puzzle.

our team of experts

Our team of experts working in research & feasibility has a specific knowledge in the following areas: 

  • predictable stiffness 
  • low weight solutions
  • predicting and controlling dynamic and thermal behaviour in our designs
  • high pressure environments (100-1000 MPa)
  • ultra high vacuum < 1e-9 mbar and ultra clean vacuum solutions
  • using exotic materials 
  • contamination control
  • design for high accuracy (<nm), static and/or dynamic
  • transferring research proof-of-principle concepts into proto-equipment
  • risk management (also in manufacturability and availability of materials and components) 

From study to concept

In order to deal with technology challenges we  help our customers with a wide spectrum of services to make the best choices for their innovation challenges. These services may comprise:

  • Literature and patent studies
  • Calculations
  • Analytical calculations of computer simulations and modelling (mechanical, thermal, fluid, optics)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept generation
  • Proof-of-concept / demonstrator development
  • IP development


We determine the appropriate mix of services by working in close cooperation with our customers.

stability in print head position accuracy over a wide temperature range through clever and simple design     

test facilities

molten metal behaviour study in our test lab
molten metal behaviour study in our test lab

Our test and measurement facilities allow us to do experiments quickly in house. Our clean and controlled facility supports our work in various ways:

  • quick principle tests (e.g. alignment accuracy under specific conditions, repeatability),
  • material property tests (behaviour of a molten metal when flowing/splashing, corrosion effects)
  • lifetime tests
  • qualifying thermal or dynamic behaviour
  • etc.


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Sven Pekelder

Sven Pekelder Research & Feasibility

Mark Meuwese

Mark Meuwese Research & Feasibility

Aaldert-Jan Haagsma

Aaldert-Jan Haagsma Research & Feasibility

Dick van Langeveld

Dick van Langeveld NEVAC & Research

Dirk van Grinsven

Dirk van Grinsven Research & Feasibility

Dorine Laheij

Dorine Laheij Research & Feasibility

Edwin van de Tillaart

Edwin van de Tillaart Research & Feasibility
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Emile Renken

Emile Renken Research & Feasibility

Gerrit van der Straaten

Gerrit van der Straaten Settels Savenije USA

Henri Heerings

Henri Heerings Research & Feasibility

Jan Wessels

Jan Wessels Research & Feasibility

Kevin van Dijck

Kevin van Dijck Research & Feasibility

Marieke van Wely

Marieke van Wely Research & Feasibility

Maurits Willenbroek

Maurits Willenbroek Research & Feasibility

Piet van Rens

Piet van Rens Research & Feasibility

Rudy van der Veen

Rudy van der Veen Research & Feasibility

Vincent Schrik

Vincent Schrik Research & Feasibility