long product lifecycles pose specific challenges in the PLM domain

PLM CAD CAM Services

Product Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the complete lifecycle of a product from ideation, through engineering design and manufacture, to retirement. PLM team members @ Settels Savenije PLM Services are skilled professionals with years of day-to-day practical experience, both in the field of PDM and PLM and in engineering, design or manufacturing. We offer practical help with the implementation of the systems and all related changes. Our mission is to optimise your company’s performance and maximise business value. We help you to outperform the competition by selecting and implementing strategies tailored to your particular case. We also provide support, maintenance, data migration and many other services.

Do you make optimal use of company resources? Do processes in your company flow fluidly? What is the best way to solve the challenges within your organisation?

We are glad to be of help. 

our services in more detail


We offer practical help with the implementation of PLM systems and all related changes. Our services include:

  • Expertise in PDM/PLM application
  • Smart customisation
  • Process mapping
  • Training
  • Data migration
  • Compliancy and traceability requirements
  • Customisation
  • Integration of M- and E-CAD


We are familiar with the possibilities and limits of the various solutions, since all our consultants possess in company knowledge and experience


Our CAD professionals offer the following services:

  • Expertise in using CAD applications
  • Selection of a CAD package
  • Development of a CAD way of working CAD management and support
  • CAD management and support
  • Initiation of multiple CAD environments
  • Improvement of CAD performance
  • Exchange of CAD data with suppliers
  • Efficient conversion of 2D CAD to 3D CAD
  • Re-use of 3D CAD


Our CAM consultants are skilled in process planning and CAM programming for complex milling processes in single or small series production. We can help you with projects including:

  • CAM programming
  • Selection and implementation of a CAM package
  • Post processor development
  • Introduction of tool management systems
  • Introduction of positioning systems
  • Optimisation of CAD / CAM methods
  • Feasibility study
  • CAD for CAM programmers
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Selection of machines
  • 24/7 production

our independence

We neither produce software nor hardware, nor are we connected to any particular product or supplier. This leaves our expert consultants free to choose the correct most advanced and most suitable PLM, CAD, CAM, or Documentation system fit for your specific situation.

We study your business needs and strategic goals. Our analysis is comprehensive, including challenges faced by outsourcing, fast innovation, globalisation, etc.  We work closely with our clients evaluating what it is your company needs and what it doesn’t.

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