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High Tech Institute is a leader in post bachelor/academic education for technology professionals focussed on the development of both technical skills and soft skills and leadership. Its mission is to help improve the competitiveness of the high tech industry by offering education at an internationally approved and recognised level. It does so in close cooperation with universities, professional institutes and industrial enterprises. Our experts are leaders in their fields of expertise. Several courses in our portfolio are internationally renowned, including those for mechatronics, precision engineering, design principles, system architecture and optics.

It is important for us at the High Tech Institute to aim for long term continuity. This is possible by working together and joining forces with all relevant stakeholders. At a strategic level, High Tech Institute has joined forces with the DSPE association, the universities of Eindhoven, Delft and Twente, the Fontys and Avans colleges, training organisations such as PAO, T2Prof, Mechatronics Academy and Settels Savenije & Friedrich and companies like ASML, Demcon, Frencken, NTS, Océ, TNO, Philips, Sioux and VDL ETG.

Should you like to contribute to the programme as a company, an expert or a trainer, or should you wish to participate in our courses, please contact us at training@hightechinstitute.nl.

Marketing and sales for all the courses from the Settels Savenije Group of Companies is taken care of by High Tech Institute.