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creating advanced technology since 1987

KvK:  18036943

VAT:  NL0079.74.000.B.01

Our research, development and engineering company was founded in 1987 (the basis of our group). Our expertise lies in the translation of the specifications of complex physical processes into working opto-mechanical mechatronical systems & products. Our creativity lets us translate complex challenges into simple solutions.

KvK:  64764729

VAT:  NL8558.26.903.B.01

Focus of our company is "assembly, testing and delivering what we design". Materialising this within our group is the key to maintaining high level performance in R&D especially in generating cost effective designs. It also motivates and inspires our technical members of staff. In 2017 we intend to integrate our R&D and assembly and testing facilities. 

KvK:  64779319

VAT:  NL8558.37.561.B.01

In high tech environments PLM tools are used in the designing of products, and in the manufacturing, assembly, testing and servicing of products. Our team of PLM consultants focuses on auditing PLM, implementing new PLM systems and supporting the use of PLM, CAD and CAM mostly working at the location of our customers.

KvK:   54926254

VAT:   NL8514.94.468.B.01

Settels, Savenije & Friedrich has developed a soft skill training, coaching and leadership development program for technology professionals. Our company has small and big companies in the high tech industry as its clients. All of our trainers are senior and highly experienced in working in a technical environment. 

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In 2014 we founded our USA-based subsidiary. Our clients and partners in the USA are able to pose their questions directly to our staff working at our office in Fremont CA.

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VAT:   NL8094.01.599.B01

Our Precision Parts factory (former Bakker Fijnmetaal) focuses on the manufacturing of ultraprecise parts and assemblies. Production concentrates on cutting technology, from proto up to

high-volume production. Bakker has an assembly hall and a cleanroom, class 10.000, uses Hypermill CAM software and is certified according the ISO 9001 quality standard.

KvK:  17069987

VAT:  NL0079.77.566.B.01

Our Group of Companies, founded in 1990 located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 


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